Author: Adams ‘Coming for Your Food’ to Boost Climate Agenda

Author: Adams ‘Coming for Your Food’ to Boost Climate Agenda

April 25, 2023

Monday on Fox News Tonight, author Marc Morano said climate warriors like Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams are waging war on the modern American diet with crackdowns on beef and dairy products.

“First, they came for your energy. Then they came for your gas-powered cars, your freedom of movement, your cheap flights. Now they’re coming for your food,” said the author of The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown.

Last week, Adams and other city officials announced that they would begin cracking down on food production and consumption in an effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions and boost their climate agenda. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection released a so-called greenhouse gas inventory as part of the announcement, highlighting the carbon footprint of the city’s main sectors including the food industry.

“We already know that a plant-powered diet is better for your physical and mental health, and I am living proof of that. But the reality is that thanks to this new inventory, we’re finding out it is better for the planet,” Adams said.

Adam’s push is likely the first step in a more aggressive campaign to target beef products in New York, Morano warned, adding that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ reported status as the largest individual farmland owner in the United States could help spread the initiative nationwide.

“They will be monitoring what you eat. What’s coming next are the restrictions,” Morano said. “We are already seeing it globally with a net-zero commitment. They’re going after high-yield agriculture trying to collapse them. We saw the disaster in Sri Lanka. You also have Bill Gates… America’s number one single farmland owner and his goal is to get us to eat his billions of dollars invested in lab-grown synthetic beef made from the stem cells of animals and literally put it in a steel vat and printed on a 3D printer. Not making that up. The fix is in.”

“This will only happen if we allow it. They’re going after our modern diet. You will eat nothing and be happy according to this plan,” he added.

Morano said the fact that some countries are considering having cows wear masks and diapers to contain their methane emissions is indicative of how “crazy” climate activism has become.

“Scientists out there say methane is completely overblown as a greenhouse gas, number one,” Morano argued.

“This is crazy,” he continued. “What this is is a revolution of the powers that be. They’re always looking for reasons why the rest of us can’t be free. Now they’re going after rice production. There’s a big story in major media about rice causing all this global warming and emissions. But going after the meat is a way to make everything a problem in a climate of urgency. Therefore, they have to be in charge of all this food. They’re not going to try to ban it. They will take over the means of production so the rest of us don’t destroy the Earth. We have to be managed. That’s what we’re looking at.”

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