Adams Brags He’s the ‘Biden of Brooklyn’ & Biden’s Fave Mayor

Adams Brags He’s the ‘Biden of Brooklyn’ & Biden’s Fave Mayor

February 3, 2022

During a press conference on Monday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams praised President Joe Biden and boasted that he’s the president’s favorite mayor in the country.

“We just really like each other… You know, we just got to hang out together, you know. That’s my dude,” Adams said.

“This is a great city, and I’m the Biden of Brooklyn. And I love the fact that the president is coming here. I met with him after the campaign, and we spoke, and we just connected, you know,” Adams added. “And I’m sure if you were to ask him, ‘What is his favorite mayor?’ he’d clearly tell you, ‘It’s Eric.”

Considering Biden’s disastrous polling numbers, it’s difficult to imagine how Adams thinks he’s benefiting from linking himself so closely to the politically toxic, mentally and physically decrepit President.

Adams went on to claim that he and Biden are just “blue-collar guys” who are “comfortable around everyday people.” Biden, who has never held a real job and is arguably the most corrupt president in history, has to be one of the least “blue-collar guys” in D.C., but you do you, Mayor Adams.

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