Adams Boasts: ‘New York Has a Brand’ and Kansas Does Not

Adams Boasts: ‘New York Has a Brand’ and Kansas Does Not

September 28, 2022

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams ignited anger on social media over comments he made knocking a red state like Kansas for having no “brand” compared to New York.

“We have a brand. New York has a brand. When people see it, it means something,” he said. “Kansas doesn’t have a brand.”

People on social media rightly noted that Kansas has a rich history and a vibrant culture while New York has become a crime-infested homeless den where only rich elites enjoy its special brand.

Dear @NYCMayor Eric Adams, ” tweeted author Don Winslow, “Do you think it is possible for you to stop saying stupid things every day that help Republicans and hurt Democrats? You don’t need to crap on Kansas to pump up NYC. That clip will be played by Republicans for years. You’re terrible at this.

Pamela Hensley wrote, “Yeah, your ‘brand’ is crime and more crime. Idiot.”

“I lived in Kansas for a number of years,” wrote Jason Whitlock. “‘Brand’ is overrated. Safe streets, good neighborhoods, and politicians more concerned with substance than brand are what make Kansas special.”

Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall tweeeted, “Kansas has KS wheat, Jayhawk basketball, KS beef, and the Wizard of Oz. What’s New York Mayor Adams’ brand? Violence, murder, homelessness, and high taxes? I’ll take Kansas any day.

Former SecState Mike Pompeo added, “Mayor Adams brand? Crime, Violence, and crushing taxes. Kansas brand? Nation’s breadbasket and aviation capital of the world, all powered by hard-working, decent people who put family, faith, and community first.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh tweeted, “What a stupid, arrogant, condescending thing to say. Democrats shouldn’t say shit like this. Or they should keep saying shit like this if they’re okay with losing whole swaths of voters.

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