Adam Carolla: Gavin Newsom is a ‘Sociopathic Buffoon’ and ‘Idiot’

Adam Carolla: Gavin Newsom is a ‘Sociopathic Buffoon’ and ‘Idiot’

April 13, 2023

In an appearance on FNC’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, podcaster and comedian Adam Carolla has low regard for Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA), who is apparently positioning himself for a future presidential run on the heels of a national tour.

Carolla ripped Newsom, calling him a “sociopathic buffoon.”

“OK, a couple of things. He came on my podcast nine years ago, and he told me his number one issue was homeless and homelessness. He was — that was his number one issue. I said to him the homeless population — this is 10 years ago — is comprised of drug addicts and people with mental disabilities and/or both. He then said to me, sitting three feet across from me, but what about the true face of homelessness, which is a mother of three who has a full-time minimum wage job, whose husband left her. So that was his idea of solving a problem, and he declared himself as the number one issue is homelessness, and that is what he thought homeless was in California.”

“Of course, it’s grown exponentially, and no one has ever seen a mother of three with a full-time job out on the street,” Carolla . Weinued. “He is a sociopathic buffoon, but the scary part is people vote for him. It’s really you and I, we don’t need to solve the riddle of Gavin Newsom. He’s a carpet bagger. He’s an idiot. He’s bought and sold. He’s a sociopath. He puts Brylcreem on his teeth, fine. Why do people vote for him? That’s the real question that we need to solve.”

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