ActBlue Gave $$ to Org Hosting Sexual Chats with LGBT Minors

ActBlue Gave $$ to Org Hosting Sexual Chats with LGBT Minors

November 1, 2022

ActBlue, the primary donor platform of the Democratic Party, donated to CenterLink, a pro-LGBT organization that runs a highly sexual chat site for minors, according to CenterLink’s 2020 Annual Report.

CenterLink, which calls itself a member-based coalition to support the development of strong, sustainable, LGBTQ community centers, is involved in a number of activism projects and co-runs the QChat Space, an online, sexual chat marketed to those as young as 13 years old who identify as LGBT. Participation in the chat does not require parental approval.

CenterLink’s website explains “CenterLink worked in partnership with Planned Parenthood Federation of America and PFLAG National to develop Q Chat Space: The Digital LGBTQ+ Center.” ActBlue gave the organization $1,500 or more but less than $5,000.

It goes on to note “Q Chat Space is an online space providing real-time, chat based, facilitated support groups for LGBTQ+ teens (13-19). Conversations are facilitated by experienced staff who work at LGBT centers around the country.”

But CenterLink doesn’t admit that the chat site includes a “quick escape” button for minors to hide the page from parents, nor that conversation topics include transgenderism, astrology, sex change operations, and “drag culture.”

Breitbart News revealed that the QChat Space had been promoted by the Arizona Department of Education, prompting a lawsuit. The Arizona GOP released multiple advertisements addressing the promotion of the site. One ad explains that innocent discussions about Pokemon, Marvel, or Star Wars are used to entice minors, who are then invited to have conversations about sex with adults, all without parental approval. It also calls the site “a sexual predator’s dream.”

The same annual report that lists ActBlue as a sponsor also notes that QChat “served” at least 1,365 different youths and that it hosted 508 chats.

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