ACLU Wants to Add ‘X’ Gender Category on IDs For Trans Folk

ACLU Wants to Add ‘X’ Gender Category on IDs For Trans Folk

January 22, 2021

In a statement titled “They the People” at the ACLU website, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced it is seeking to make identification documents include “X” as a category for one’s sex, as part of the Biden administration’s support for transgender ideology.

“Trans and non-binary people belong, and we need IDs that accurately reflect who we are so we can travel, apply for jobs, and enter public establishments without risk of harassment or harm,” the ACLU statement read. “The ACLU has filed six cases on behalf of transgender people seeking an accurate ID.”

“Nearly 20 states already have self-attestation and an ‘X’ designation on IDs,” the statement continued. “We’re asking the Biden-Harris administration to issue an executive order to make it easier for trans and non-binary people to have accurate IDs.”

The ACLU website features profiles of five people who advocate for the “X” designation. Among them is “Mari” from Sacramento, California, who writes that “As someone who is both nonbinary and intersex, pursuing a gender X designation is a way for me to express that I exist outside of both the gender and sex binaries… If more people had access to a gender X designation, I know it would revolutionize the way that we discuss and view gender and sex. That’s the future I’m working towards.”

That is the future the Biden administration is working towards, too: one in which gender distinctions are eradicated, biology is subordinate to a political agenda,and people who cling to a traditional/religious understanding of male and female are demonized as bigots and destroyed by lawsuits.

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