ACLU Ripped for ‘Evil’ Tweet Sympathizing with Killer, Rapist

ACLU Ripped for ‘Evil’ Tweet Sympathizing with Killer, Rapist

June 20, 2023

Breitbart News reports that a biological man convicted of raping and murdering a woman and child underwent “enormous suffering” after being denied state-provided transgender surgery prior to being executed, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which is facing intense backlash for a tweet sympathizing with the killer that made no mention of his past crimes.

Following the execution of Duane Owen, one of the longest-held inmates on Florida’s death row, the ACLU published a post lamenting the anguish of the man who killed and raped a mother of two as well as a 14-year-old girl.

“The state of Florida never provided medically necessary gender-affirming care to Duane Owen — causing her enormous suffering and violating her right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment for the more than 30 years she was in state custody,” wrote the far-left non-profit which is partially funded by billionaire George Soros.

In a follow-up tweet, the group condemned the “racist” death penalty as well as Owen’s right to become “who she (sic) was meant to be” while alive.

“In legal papers she drafted, Owen wrote that she ‘should be accorded the “essence of human dignity” and be allowed to become “who she was meant to be”’ before her death,” the post reads.

“No one should be killed by the state,” it continues. “The time to end the racist, unfair and cruel death penalty is now.”

The tweets were later hit with Twitter’s “Community Notes” fact-checking feature, which allows users to add relevant context, highlighting that Owen “murdered and raped both a 14 year old girl and a 38 year old mother.”

While Owen’s lawyers “argued insanity,” the message reads, “Psychiatrists for the state testified Owen faked schizophrenia and had no signs of gender dysphoria. His records indicate he exhibits sexual sadism.”

Owen was found guilty of two separate killings in 1984: a hammer attack on a 38-year-old mother of two and the fatal stabbing of a 14-year-old babysitter as two children in her care were asleep. Both were raped. He also attacked two other women who survived.

“HE wanted to be housed in a women’s prison. Presumably because as a violent rapist he wanted to be around more potential victims in a captive space,” wrote Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. “Good thing we don’t do that in Florida,” she added.

“Y’all are evil,” wrote radio host Jason Rantz.

“The ACLU is upset because the state of Florida executed Duane Owen without ever providing ‘her’ with ‘medically-necessary’ sex change treatments,” wrote Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. “Duane Owen raped and murdered two people, including a child.”

“A certain group of loud, obnoxious and sexually deviant activists are more upset about the execution of Duane Owen than they are about what he did to Karen Slattery. Let that sink in,” wrote conservative journalist Ian Miles Cheong.

Even some liberals slammed the tweet. “I’m as liberal as you can get but this ain’t it ACLU,” wrote one Twitter user.

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