Abrams Still Insists 2018 GA Gov. Election She Lost Was ‘Stolen’

Abrams Still Insists 2018 GA Gov. Election She Lost Was ‘Stolen’

April 21, 2021

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, delusional voter fraud enthusiast Stacey Abrams once again insisted that the election for her 2018 gubernatorial campaign “was stolen from the voters of Georgia,” though she concedes that Republican opponent “Brian Kemp won under the rules that were in place.”

Asked by Sen. Ted Cruz if she still maintained that that election was stolen, Abrams replied, “As I have always said, I acknowledge at the very beginning that Brian Kemp won under the rules that were in place. What I object to are rules that permitted thousands of Georgia voters to be denied their participation in this election, and had their votes cast out. I will continue to disagree with the system until it is fixed. We have seen marked progress made and unfortunately it was undone in SB 202, but I will continue to advocate for a system that permit every eligible Georgian to cast their ballots.”

Cruz persisted: “Ms. Abrams, I’m going to ask you to answer the question that I asked. Yes or no, do you still maintain the 2018 election was stolen? That’s your language.”

“My full language,” Abrams evaded, “was that it was stolen from the voters of Georgia. We do not know what they would have done because not every eligible Georgian was permitted to participate fully in the election.”

Nonsense. There is not voter suppression. There is, however, massive Democrat voter fraud, which that Party needs to win elections, and which Abrams has devoted herself to facilitating.

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