Abrams Slams GA on Campaign Trail: ‘Worst State in the Country’

Abrams Slams GA on Campaign Trail: ‘Worst State in the Country’

May 24, 2022

In a speech Saturday at the Gwinnett Democrats’ Bluetopia Gala in Norcross, Georgia, gubernatorial candidate and voter fraud enthusiast Stacey Abrams slammed her own state of Georgia, dismissing rival Gov. Brian Kemp’s (R) claim that the Peach State is the best place to live and do business in the United States.

“I am tired of hearing about how we’re the best state in the country to do business when we are the worst state in the country to live,” Abrams said. “Let me contextualize. When you’re number 48 for mental health, when we’re number one for maternal mortality, when you have an incarceration rate that’s on the rise and wages that are on the decline, then you are not the number one place to live. Georgia is capable of greatness, but we need greatness to be in our governor’s office. We need someone who actually believes in bringing all of us in there together.”

The deluded, insanely ambitious Abrams apparently believes she is that “someone.”

Abrams ran a failed 2018 gubernatorial campaign against Kemp which she has never conceded. This time around, Abrams has slammed Kemp for his stance on climate change and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Georgia. However, Kemp argues that the state was the first to end lockdowns, allowing businesses to stay open and preserving Georgians’ livelihoods.

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