Abrams Pressuring Corporate America to Oppose Voter Integrity Laws

Abrams Pressuring Corporate America to Oppose Voter Integrity Laws

March 11, 2021

John Nolte at Breitbart News writes that Georgia gubernatorial loser Stacey Abrams, the left’s Queen of Voter Fraud Activism, is pressuring corporate America to speak out publicly against voter integrity laws making their way through the Georgia legislature.

“There were businesses that were silent in the election for whatever reason. But there should be no silence from the business community when anyone in power is trying to strip away the right to vote from the people,” Abrams said on a call Tuesday with two far-left organizations that back the fraud-ridden process of voting-by-mail. “There should be a hue and cry.”

Georgia’s state legislature is now reviewing new laws to implement some common-sense changes that should appeal to anyone who cares about free and fair elections: a photo ID required to vote, restricting mail-in voting eligibility, reducing early voting days, and shutting manipulative corporate giants like the woke social media giant Facebook out of the election process, among other laws.

Nolte concludes that “[b]ecause these changes are widely popular among Democrats and Republicans, white voters and black, Abrams is using emotional blackmail against corporate America in the hopes they can pressure the legislature and Republican governor [to] back off.”

And because the corporate elites are either spineless or leftist, they will likely comply with Abrams’ bullying.

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