Abrams: No ‘Arbitrary Standards of Timelines’ on Abortion

Abrams: No ‘Arbitrary Standards of Timelines’ on Abortion

October 12, 2022

During an appearance on FNC’s Fox News Sunday, Georgia Democrat gubernatorial loser Stacey Abrams said she opposed restrictions on abortion, a decision she said she felt did not address the “medical reality” of each specific situation.

“Were you to become governor, where would you draw the line?” host Shannon Bream asked. “Fifteen weeks? Viability? Thirty-six weeks? What’s the limit?”

“What I’ve always say is that abortion is a medical decision that should be made by a doctor and the woman,” Abrams replied in a carefully guarded non-answer. “And that the point of viability, as determined by a doctor, should always take into consideration the life and health of a woman. That should be the standard.

“But the arbitrary standards of timelines ignore the medical reality that it is a fallacy. We know exactly when a pregnancy starts, that we know exactly where we are in the system — I mean, in the terms — and what doctors will tell you is that they need to make decisions based on the woman they are treating,” she added vaguely. “And what women will tell you is that they need the right to make medical decisions that can save their lives and save their ability to control their bodies and their futures.”

Translation: there should be no limits on infanticide.

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