Abrams: Incompetent Kamala’s Critics Are Just Misogynist, Racist

Abrams: Incompetent Kamala’s Critics Are Just Misogynist, Racist

November 6, 2023

Sunday on MSNBC’s Inside, political activist and failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D-GA) said she believed the criticisms leveled at epically incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris were based on “misogyny and racism.”

Anchor and former White House press propagandist Jen Psaki said, “I want to ask you about the vice president, because she has been under a huge amount of scrutiny through her entire time in office. I think there’s a lot of reasons for this. But I want to ask you, as a prominent woman of color who’s run for office, do you think that she would be receiving the same critiques if she was a white man?”

Oh, FFS. This is not a serious journalistic question; it’s a leading question designed to weaponize Kamala’s skin color and sex because the VP cannot be defended on her merits and accomplishments, all of which total zero.

Abrams said, “No. We will always question the person behind the person. But we cannot ignore the misogyny and racism that remain very prevalent in our politics. And for those behaviors that don’t rise to misogyny or racism, there’s also just a difference. Our expectations are set for the traditional white male vice president.”

No, our expectations are set for an effective leader, and Kamala is neither one.

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