Abrams: GOP Has ‘Disease’ of Removing Inconvenient Voters

Abrams: GOP Has ‘Disease’ of Removing Inconvenient Voters

May 12, 2021

Tuesday on ABC’s female propaganda-fest The View, Georgia gubernatorial loser and voter fraud enthusiast Stacey Abrams said that former President Donald Trump was a “symptom” of the Republican Party’s “disease” of “gaming” the system to remove voters.

“I think the attention to Donald Trump is a symptom,” Abrams claimed. “It is not, however, the disease. The symptom is that he found a shortcut to leadership. He found a shortcut to actually doing the work. He decided that the only way to win was not by adapting to the populace that he was to serve, it was about gaming the system to remove voters he found inconvenient. That is what the insurrection on January 6 was about.”

Let’s pause there. First, the Capitol Hill chaos on Jan. 6 was not an insurrection; neither did Trump incite it, as the left’s narrative insists.

Second, Trump did not “remove” voters in the 2020 election, but actually gained 5 million more than any previous presidential candidate, including surges in minority and women voters.

Third, Trump lost precisely because he did not game the system; his opponent did. Joe Biden is in the White House today because of massive Democrat voter fraud facilitated by Stacey Abrams herself, and supported by the leftist media including the witless harpies of The View.

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