Abrams: Don’t Boycott Georgia Businesses Just Yet

Abrams: Don’t Boycott Georgia Businesses Just Yet

April 2, 2021

Failed gubernatorial candidate and Democrat voter fraud maven Stacey Abrams told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday that she is calling on opponents of Georgia’s newly-enacted election integrity law not to boycott the state’s companies “yet” and is instead urging them to pour money into efforts supporting Democrats’ federal election policy changes.

“The companies that stood silently by or gave mealy-mouthed responses during the debate were wrong,” declared Abrams. “What people want to know now is where they stand on this fundamental issue of voting rights.”

Actually, that’s not what people want to know. That’s what Democrat bullies want: to pressure corporations into making public declarations of support for Democrat agendas. Corporations shouldn’t be taking political stands, left or right.

“Hopefully, we’ll build such a hue and cry that the Legislature will have to correct what they’ve done,” she said. “But these companies sell their products across the country, and across the country, there are black and brown voters who need to know they’re not being left behind.”

The law is designed to prevent voter fraud in Georgia’s elections, the sort that resulted in depriving President Trump of a legitimately-won re-election. Abrams has repeatedly suggested the bill is racially motivated, because that’s what Democrats do: smear their opponents as racists.

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