Abrams Compares Dem Voting Rights Push to Ukraine Crisis

Abrams Compares Dem Voting Rights Push to Ukraine Crisis

March 5, 2022

Wednesday on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate and voter fraud enthusiast Stacey Abrams argued that the Democrats’ efforts to loosen voting rights laws in the United States was akin to the crisis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“The process of voting is nonpartisan,” Abrams explained. “Everyone should have access to the ability to vote. It should be easy to vote. It should be accessible. There should be a freedom to vote. Any impediment to that is wrong. That’s full stop. I don’t care who [sic] you vote for… The fight for the right to vote is something that should cut across every demographic, every ideology, every community. We are a stronger nation when we allow people to participate.”

No one would argue with that, but what Abrams is falsely claiming is that Republicans want to suppress non-white voters, which is an ugly smear. The Democrat push for “greater voter access” is actually a push for widespread voter fraud, which Dems need to win elections.

She continued, “[Ukrainian] President Zelensky said it — I’m going to paraphrase him probably poorly– he said this isn’t a war on Ukraine. This is a war on democracy in Ukraine. When we allow democracy to be overtaken by those who want to choose who can be heard, and those choices are not based on anything other than animus and inconvenience, then that is wrong.”

To repeat: Republican voter suppression is not happening. The actual war on democracy is being waged by Democrats who reject election integrity legislation so that they can continue to cheat to win.

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