Abrams Campaigns for Oscar by Accusing GOP of Voter Suppression

Abrams Campaigns for Oscar by Accusing GOP of Voter Suppression

March 9, 2021

In an Oscar-themed interview with Deadline, failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate and voter fraud maven Stacey Abrams falsely accused Republicans and former President Trump of voter suppression as she seeks an Oscar nomination for her Amazon Studios documentary All In: The Fight for Democracy.

“The through-line of voter suppression is an attempt to keep those who will disagree with the existing power structure from having influence on creating a new power structure,” Abrams claimed. “And in present-day parlance, it is to maintain a Republican Party that is increasingly distanced from a demographically diverse nation. Donald Trump is the most perfect example of it in recent memory because he did his voter suppression out loud and every day. He was very clear about who he didn’t want to include…He said in early 2020 If certain communities get to vote, he couldn’t win.”

Fact check: the only votes Republicans seek to suppress are illegal ones, which Democrats desperately need to win elections. There is absolutely zero evidence of Republican voter suppression in the 2020 election, but a mountain of evidence for Democrat voter fraud.

All In: The Fight for Democracy centers on Abrams’ unsuccessful run for governor and her activism to end mythical voter suppression. The movie, which Amazon released in September, has made the shortlist for Oscar contention in the documentary feature category.

Abrams continued to use the Deadline interview to push for voting-by-mail, which is ripe for voter fraud. “Democracy shouldn’t change based on your zip code if you live in the United States,” she said.

In a separate interview for Variety, Abrams called America a racist, bigoted country: “There is a disease of racism that is embedded in the veins of America,” she claimed falsely. “There is a disease of bigotry that winds its way throughout how we’ve made our rules and who has access — [plus] sexism, homophobia, this broader construct of xenophobia.”

Let’s be clear: Abrams is a race-mongering anti-American whose lust for the White House exceeds even that of power-mad presidential loser Hillary Clinton, which is saying a lot. Like her fellow Democrat radicals, she will do anything to acquire and hold power.

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