Abrams Campaign Has Spent Over $450K on Private Security

Abrams Campaign Has Spent Over $450K on Private Security

July 6, 2022

Fox News reports that the gubernatorial campaign of Democrat voter fraud enthusiast Stacey Abrams has paid out over $450,000 to Executive Protection Agencies (EPA Security), an Atlanta-based private security firm, since December 2021, despite her being a board member of an anti-police foundation.

(The Fair Fight PAC, a committee that is part of a network launched by Abrams, also spent more than $1.2 million on security services last year with the same firm as the Abrams campaign.)

Over 100 Georgia sheriffs condemned Abrams for her “soft-on-crime policies” and her seat on the board of the Seattle-based Marguerite Casey Foundation, which has repeatedly voiced support for defunding and abolishing the police. The Foundation has also awarded millions to professors and scholars who advocate anti-capitalist and prison abolitionist views. Gov. Brian Kemp called on her to resign.

Abrams claims she has never supported defunding the police, but shortly after joining the Foundation’s board in early May 2021, she backed an expanded anti-police initiative called Answer the Uprising, which established a coalition with other grant-making organizations that provide backing to defund-the-police groups.

In 2020, the Marguerite Casey Foundation also directed grants to left-wing groups that want to defund police, including the Movement for Black Lives, Black Organizing Project and Louisville Community Bail Fund.

In addition, during the George Floyd unrest of 2020, Abrams repeatedly tried to rebrand the “defund” aspect of the movement as favoring the “reformation and transformation” of law enforcement instead of abolishing policing.

“We have to reallocate resources, so, yes,” she said when asked if police budgets should be reduced. “If there is a moment where resources are so tight that we have to choose between whether we murder Black people or serve Black people, then absolutely: Our choice must be service.”

Abrams also advocated for the “redistributive allocation of dollars” from police budgets so “we are not simply investing in public safety, but we’re building a safer public through education, through health care, through food security, through affordable housing, and that we not see these things as being in conflict, but they have to be part of a holistic vision of what America should look like, what law enforcement and what society should look like in the 21st century.”

In short, in public statements she tries to distance herself from the movement to defund law enforcement, but the reality is she is actively supporting it.

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