Abrams: AZ Recount ‘a Continuation of the Insurrection’

Abrams: AZ Recount ‘a Continuation of the Insurrection’

May 14, 2021

Thursday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Georgia gubernatorial loser and voter fraud enthusiast Stacey Abrams claimed that the Arizona recount of the 2020 election ballots was “a continuation of the insurrection.”

“It’s a continuation of the big lie, but more importantly and more concerningly, it’s a continuation of the insurrection, of this attempt to disenfranchise voters and to dismiss the legitimacy of our elections,” Abrams said.

Fact checks: there has been and is no insurrection, just as there is no legitimacy to the Democrat election victories, which were stolen through massive voter fraud, which Abrams and Anderson Cooper know full well.

Abrams went on to promulgate, with Cooper’s assistance, the left’s blatant lie that Republicans are trying to pass legislation which would “restrict the right to vote and make it easier for Republicans to win. And we should all be concerned because our elections are not about partisanship. it should not be a question of Republicans or Democrats gaming the system but everyone being able to participate and make their own choices.”

She’s right about that last part: no one should be able to game the system, and that’s what the legislation is about — reducing the voter fraud Democrats need to win.

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