Abrams: Abortion Laws Can Not Set ‘Arbitrary Gestational Limits’

Abrams: Abortion Laws Can Not Set ‘Arbitrary Gestational Limits’

August 8, 2022

Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Democrat Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said laws regulating abortion should not set “arbitrary gestational limits.”

Abrams said, “We know for women these abortion rights fights are about their ability to control their lives to have the ability to participate in the economy, to have the ability to determine whether forced pregnancy is in their future. Yes, I would urge every voter to think about the economy is going to go up and down, but the laws will change the future for every woman that you know when they become solidified, change the future for every woman you know.”

She was then asked for clarity on her position that a woman has the right to an abortion up to the point at which a physician determines the fetus is viable outside the body: “How do you put legislation around that?”

Abrams replied, “You put legislation around that by returning to what we know is the structural framework of Roe v. Wade. You do it by not setting arbitrary gestational limits because we know those reflect medical decision-making… Politicians are not scientists, and we should not be setting into law these moving targets that do not reflect the reality that women face when they are sitting in that doctor’s office.”

Abrams added, “I understand that there are those who would feel better if we picked, plucked a date out of the air, but we know that is not scientifically supportable.”

Abrams and the Left don’t care what is “scientifically supportable,” whatever that means. They want to codify infanticide into law, and they want no limits on when a woman has a right to take her inconvenient child’s life.

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