Abbas Rails Against U.S., UK at UN for Allowing Israel to Exist

Abbas Rails Against U.S., UK at UN for Allowing Israel to Exist

September 23, 2023

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas devoted much of his U.N. General Assembly address to denouncing the “Israeli occupation of our territory” and demanding more international pressure against Israel to make concessions.

He claimed the Israelis have violated over a thousand U.N. resolutions, along with “international law and international legitimacy.”

“Despite this painful reality, and thirty years after the Oslo Accords, which Israel has totally discarded, we still maintain hope that your esteemed organization will be able to implement its resolutions demanding an end to the Israeli occupation of our territory,” he said.

Abbas demanded a Palestinian state with “East Jerusalem as its capital” carved from Israel’s borders as of 1967, meaning Israel’s borders before it obtained control of the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, West Bank, and Old Jerusalem from attacking Arab powers in the Six Day War.

Israeli leaders, notably including current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have long rejected such demands because returning to the 1967 borders would make Israel impossibly difficult to defend, inviting another conflict like the Six Day War.

“As I stand before you here, the Israeli racist right-wing government continues its attacks on our people, and through its army and its racist terrorist settlers, continues to intimidate and kill our people, destroy homes and property, steal our money and resources, and detain the bodies of the martyrs,” Abbas charged.

“This is being done in full view of the world, and without any deterrence, punishment, or accountability, and the leaders and ministers of this government have even been bragging about their apartheid policies on our people under occupation,” Abbas lied.

“The occupation government also persists in violating the City of Jerusalem and its people, assaulting our Islamic and Christian sacred sites, and violating the historical and legal status of the holy sites, especially Al-Aqsa Mosque, which international legitimacy has recognized as an exclusive place of worship for Muslims alone,” Abbas charged.

At the General Assembly on Thursday, Abbas accused the U.N. of remaining “silent” about “all the flagrant violations of international law that are being committed by Israel.”

Abbas simultaneously demanded harsh unilateral punitive measures against Israel and a “peace conference,” which he portrayed as “the last opportunity to salvage the two-State solution and to prevent the situation from deteriorating more seriously, threatening the security and stability of our region and the entire world.”

“For several years, we have presented our Palestinian narrative, and the story of our people, which has been deliberately distorted by the Zionist and Israeli propaganda. We are relieved that the peoples of the world and many of its countries have begun to believe our narrative and sympathize with it, after having been misled for decades,” Abbas said near the end of a lengthy speech in which he took responsibility for nothing, admitted to absolutely no wrongdoing by Palestinian terrorists, and offered not the slighted concession toward achieving the peace he claimed to desire.

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