Additional Information on USDayOfRage

In an effort to maximize the effectiveness of those people who planned to participate in the September 17 “Day of Rage” demonstrations, USDOR collaborated with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) to produce literature enumerating a host of practical guidelines and suggestions. Most notably, this literature warned aspiring activists that because “cops are sneaky” and “are trained to be manipulative,” they (the activists) should resolve to say nothing to police officers other than “the Magic Words: ‘I am going to remain silent. I want to see a lawyer.’” “The Golden Rule,” the organization summarized, is: “Never trust a cop.”

Further, USDOR advised activists who might come into contact with police to “always write down what is said and who said it”; “write down the cops’ names and badge numbers and the names and contact information of any witnesses”; and “record everything that happens” with a tape recorder or camera, if possible. The organization also urged activists who “are being investigated as a result of [their] political activity” to call the NLG at a special hotline number in order to obtain a referral to legal counsel.

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