Additional Information on Tim Kaine

* In August 2016, Kaine suggested that women in America have fewer opportunities to succeed in politics than women in various Third World nations. Noting that women held 19% of all seats in the federal legislature, he said: “Hold on for this, folks. Nineteen percent ranks the United States 75th in the world, below the global average. Iraq is 26 percent. Afghanistan is 28 percent. Number one [is] Rwanda. Sixty-four percent. So for reasons, some of which I understand, some of which I don’t, we have made it hard. We have made it hard for women to be elected to the highest positions in our federal legislature and as president.”

In response to Kaine’s remarks, blogger Daniel Greenfield wrote: “Kaine doesn’t seem to grasp that America is actually holding democratic elections. Afghanistan’s elections are worthless. Never mind Iraq’s elections. These are tribal systems in which the results are known ahead of time. If you rig the system, then you can elect more of whomever will look good out front. But the actual decisions are coming from a handful of tribal elders and warlords anyway. Not to mention that using these types of global statistics as a metric for anything is highly dubious. Does Kaine really believe that women have more political opportunities in Afghanistan than they do in America?”

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