Additional Information on the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good

* While the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good (NEP) acknowledges that enforcement of immigration laws is necessary, it believes that such enforcement should be solely the responsibility of the federal government, not state and local authorities. And while NEP opposes amnesty for those it calls “the undocumented,” neither does it favor their deportation. Rather, it calls for the issuance of “probational/provisional visa[s]” while criminal background checks are conducted on illegals seeking to normalize their status. Following such checks, approved applicants could then embark on a path to citizenship, which would entail paying whatever back taxes they owe, learning English, and remitting fines for their illegal entry or visa overstay.

* NEP says the following regarding its position on abortion: “We stand against the devaluing of human life and for a society in which no woman feels that abortion is her only choice. We are involved in creative efforts to prevent unintended pregnancies, support pregnant women, improve our adoption laws and practices, and change cultural attitudes and practices—all with the primary goal of reducing the number of abortions in our country.”

* Involved in efforts “to strengthen the fading institution of marriage,” NEP rejects the notion that “denigrating the dignity and denying the human rights of gays and lesbians is a legitimate part of a ‘pro-family’ Christian agenda.” Thus it works to “reform Christian attitudes and treatment of lesbian and gay people.”

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