Additional Information on the National Committee on Pay Equity

* The National Committee on Pay Equity laments that “many women and people of color are still segregated into a small number of jobs such as clerical, service workers, nurses and teachers,” fields that “have historically been undervalued and continue to be underpaid to a large extent because of the gender and race of the people who hold them.”

* Operating from the premise that wage discrimination against women is pervasive in the American workplace, NCPE seeks to “achieve pay equity” by closing “the wage gap that still exists between women … and men.”

* On “Equal Pay Day” 2006, NCPE held a major press conference to announce that it was launching “a new nationwide grassroots movement designed to close the wage gap once and for all.” Speakers at the event included Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Tom Harkin, and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, among others.


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