Additional Information on the Islamic Society of North America

ISNA had organizational ties to the now-defunct Quranic Literacy Institute (QLI), a Chicago-area institution that claimed to be in the business of translating and publishing Islamic texts, but was actually raising and laundering money for Hamas. The ties between ISNA and QLI were numerous:

  • Former ISNA president Ahmad Zaki Hammad was a QLI founder and president.
  • Bassam Osman, who headed the ISNA affiliate NAIT, was once QLI’s director.
  • QLI secretary Amer Haleem once served as ISNA’s acting secretary general.
  • ISNA board member Jamal Badawi was once an advisor to the Quran Project, which was associated with QLI.
  • Ibrahim Abusharif, a former editor of ISNA’s Islamic Horizonsmagazine, was an editor and board member of QLI from 1990-98.
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