Additional Information on the Alliance to Save Energy

Additional ASE programs and initiatives include the following:

  • The Building Energy Efficient Codes Network “engages Congress and other elected officials, industry leaders, code officials, and the media in support of set energy code targets for homes and commercial buildings.”
  • The Energy Efficient Codes Coalition aims to “boost energy codes by at least 30 percent” nationwide.
  • The Efficient Windows Collaborative is “dedicated to increasing the market share of high-efficiency windows in both the residential and commercial sectors.”
  • The International Program “provides technical and financing assistance, policy advocacy, and information-sharing services to governments, multi-lateral organizations, corporations and consumers worldwide.”
  • The Industrial Program works closely with the United States Energy Department and other organizations to “develop and mobilize energy-efficiency programs for the U.S. industrial sector.”
  • The Watergy Program works to “improve water sanitation and [water] delivery services in more than 100 cities worldwide,” noting that “clean water is often inaccessible in energy-poor countries.”
  • The Zero Net Energy Commercial Buildings Consortium aims to “improve the energy performance of new and existing commercial buildings by developing and disseminating energy-efficient technologies, practices and policies.”
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