Additional Information on Teresa Gutierrez

* In 2006 Teresa Gutierrez worked to prevent the passage of the so-called “Sensenbrenner legislation,” a bill that would have: (a) mandated that the driver’s licenses issued to illegal aliens were clearly distinguishable from those of citizens and legal residents and thus could not be used as federal identification documents; and (b) lowered the standards for deporting anyone deemed to be a potential national-security threat. While Gutierrez was glad that the “heinous” Sensenbrenner bill was not signed into law, she complained about the Bush administration’s efforts to impose “further repression through raids, deportation, [and] the empowerment of local law-enforcements to hunt down immigrants, [engage in] racial profiling and so forth.”

* Gutierrez says that the “climate crisis” can only be solved by “worldwide socialist revolution” and “the abolishment of the capitalist system.”

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