Additional Information on Simon Harak

* As Harak sees things, conservative religious authorities pay too much attention to considerations of personal sexual morality, while focusing too little on the far greater sins committed by the United States on a global scale. For example: “When we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima—when we caused 135,000 deaths at a non-military target—what did the U.S. Catholic bishops say? The answer is, nothing. But what if the Enola Gay had dropped 135,000 condoms on Hiroshima? There would have a hue and cry that would not have ended to this day.”

* By Harak’s reckoning, a preferable alternative to invading Iraq and Afghanistan would have been for the U.S. to patiently track down the individuals (other than the 19 suicide hijackers) involved in planning and executing the 9/11 terrorist attacks and try them before an international court. “They [terrorists] need to face the consequences of their actions,” Harak said in a November 2007 interview. “In the meantime, the international community would be strengthened instead of being torn apart by war, the whole international structure of law would be strengthened, and the United States would have tremendous moral standing to say to other people, ‘No, wait. You don’t have to go to war.’”

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