Additional Information on Robert Avakian

* Robert Avakian has published a number of books on his Marxist philosophy, including: From Ike to Mao and Beyond: My Journey from Mainstream America to Revolutionary Communist (2005); Marxism and the Call of the Future: Conversations on Ethics, History, and Politics (2005); Preaching From a Pulpit of Bones: We Need Morality but Not Traditional Morality (1999); Phony Communism Is Dead, Long Live Real Communism(1992); Reflections, Sketches, and Provocations: Essays and Commentary, 1981-1987 (1990); Liberation without Gods (1988); DEMOCRACY: Can’t We Do Better Than That? Radical and Socialist Reinterpretations of Democracy(1986); Bullets: From the Writings, Speeches, and Interviews of Bob Avakian(1985); A Horrible End: Or, An End to the Horror (1984); For a Harvest of Dragons: On the “Crisis of Marxism” and the Power of Marxism (1983); and Bob Avakian Speaks on the Mao Tsetung Defendants Railroad and the Historic Battles Ahead (1981).

* In 2004 Avakian released a four-disc DVD set titled Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About, which contained the recording of a speech he had presented the previous year at an undisclosed location. These DVDs were marketed by the company Three Q Productions.

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