Additional Information on Grover Furr

* At Montclair State University, Furr once taught a “General Humanities” course that was described on his website as “an introduction to Western European culture and society from the Ancient World through the Middle Ages.” Required reading for the course included the following authors: James Axtell, whose The White Indians of Colonial America implies that Native American culture was better than European culture in colonial America; Ronald Takaki, a prominent multiculturalist whose views of America’s oppression of minorities are only a shade more moderate than Ward Churchill’s; Rodney Hilton, a British Marxist; G.E.M. de Ste Croix, whose The Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World is a Marxist tract; and I.F. Stone, a Communist fellow traveler and New Leftist who once commended the Soviet Union for “steadily expanding democracy in every sphere.”

* The required readings for another of Furr’s courses, titled “The Great Books and Ideas,” have included a Marxist analysis of Shakespeare by Richard Wilson, as well as works by Karl Marx, Communist Party member Ted Allen, feminist Silvia Federici, and radical-left activist Marcus Rediker (who worked to win a new trial for the convicted cop-killer, former Black Panther, and Marxist icon Mumia Abu Jamal).

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