Additional information on Frank Sharry

* In March 2013, Sharry wrote a Huffington Post article condemning former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s recent assertion that illegal immigrants should be permitted to reside legally in the U.S. but not to “obtain the cherished fruits of citizenship.” Such a policy, said Sharry, would “affirmatively and intentionally institutionaliz[e] a permanent sub-class of non-citizens,” and would implicitly tell “mostly Latino immigrants” that “you are good enough to cook for us, clean for us and take care of our children, but you can never become one of us.” Moreover, Sharry added, it would “evoke moral tragedies that have left a blot on America’s history—from slavery, to Jim Crow laws, to segregation; from the Chinese Exclusion Act, to the detention of Japanese Americans in World War II, to the roundup of Muslim Americans after 9/11; from denying workers the right to organize, to denying women the right to vote, to denying LGBT families the right to equality.”

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