Additional Information on Catharine McKinnon

* Catharine MacKinnon’s father, George MacKinnon, served as a U.S. congressman from 1946-49, and as a U.S. Court of Appeals judge for the D.C. Circuit from 1969-95.

* Through her legal work on behalf of Croatian and Bosnian women who faced sexual crimes from the Serbs, MacKinnon made a legal case that rape, forced prostitution, and other sexual crimes are acts of genocide. In 2000, she and her co-counsel won a $745 million victory on these grounds in the case of Kadic v. Karadzic. Continuing her work on issues of international sexual crimes, in 2001 MacKinnon was named co-director of the Lawyers Alliance for Women Project. She also has assisted the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women.

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