Yael Korin

Yael Korin


* Co-founder of the Los Angeles branch of Women in Black
* Pathologist at UCLA Medical School
* Sees Arab terrorism as “nonviolent resistance to the violence of [Israeli] occupation”
* Supports Palestinian Right of Return
* Denounces Israel as an “apartheid” country
* Supports boycott of Israeli products

UCLA researcher Yael Korin is among the most visible of the ex-Israeli far-leftists comprising a small anti-Israel Lobby in the Los Angeles area, ex-Israelis working for the destruction of Israel. There has arisen a Diaspora of fanatically anti-Israel ex-Israelis, spread about the globe, and including such people as Avi Shlaim in Britain; Gabriel Piterberg (also at UCLA); Zalman Amit in Canada; and Yigal Arens, a Los Angeles extremist and son of Israel’s one-time Defense Minister Gilad Atzmon. These people seek to see their native homeland destroyed and replaced by a “secular” state with an Arab majority – notwithstanding the fact that the only visible Arab majority wants an Islamic state “from the Jordan to the sea.”

Yael Korin is a co-founder of the Los Angeles branch of Women in Black, an anti-Jewish and pro-terror propaganda organization. LA’s Women in Black routinely co-sponsor events with such outfits as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Muslim Public Affairs Committee, “If Americans Knew.” It also promotes the beatification of Rachel Corrie, who martyred herself by stepping in front of a bulldozer to protect Palestinian terrorists. The Women in Black groups are among the initiators of efforts to “divest” from and boycott Israel. Korin herself sums up the LA-Women in Black position in these words: “Most of us do not believe that keeping [alive] a Jewish state is in agreement with this position, and that the Jewish state is an outcome of the Zionist project. So our events reflect these ideas as well.”

Korin is a pathologist at the medical school of UCLA. She sees Arab terrorism as “nonviolent resistance to the violence of occupation,” and has participated in panels devoted to that theme. Her view is consistent: Jews are violent, Palestinians are victims.

Korin endorses the Palestinian “right of return,” that is the right of five million Arabs pretending to be Palestinian refugees to immigrate to Israel and overwhelm its Jewish population demographically. This “right” of refugees to return to countries they left has never been applied to any other group of refugees, like the twelve million Germans expelled from present-day Poland after the Second World War.

Korin a collaborator with British journalist and pro-terrorism film maker John Pilger. She attends many anti-Israel events, often dressed as an Arab. She has been labeled “Ms. PLO” by some web sites. She wants the American public to pressure the U.S. government to stop military aid to Israel because of “the flagrant injustice of Israel’s disproportionate use of massive military might-including high velocity bullets, helicopter gun ships and anti-tank missiles-against a Palestinian civilian population armed mostly with stones.” She adds, “We refute the view that the Palestinian Authority is responsible for initiating the current conflict.” At a Martin Luther King Day protest against Israel, Korin declared: “This week, Israeli soldiers continue to kill adults and children in Nablus and deny Palestinian residents food and medical care. This week, Israeli bulldozers continue to destroy homes, fields and olive groves to build the apartheid wall that is stealing lands and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.” That same week, in fact, Palestinian terrorists murdered Israeli Jews.

An intensive web search yielded not a single instance of Korin speaking out against the mass murder of Jews by Palestinian terrorists, nor in favor of the right of Jews to defend their lives against Islamofascist terror and genocide. Korin denounced Israel for assassinating Hamas leader Sheikh Yassin, responsible for more than three hundred murders of Jewish civilians, many of whom were children. She considers the very existence of her native country to be a catastrophe (Naqba), one clearly in need of being erased. She has been active in fomenting and organizing mutiny and insurrection among leftists serving in the Israeli army. She denounces Israel as an “apartheid” country, whereas in reality it is the only country in the Middle East that is not an apartheid country, and she urges that Israel be boycotted. She insists that “Zionism is the REAL Enemy of the Jews.” She has also been active in the pro-Saddam demonstrations organized by ANSWER.

Korin is a radical feminist, except when it comes to pro-Israel feminists. She has been one of the shrillest people denouncing pro-Israel feminist Phyllis Chesler and recently demanded that leftist media outfits like Pacifica Radio and Feminist Magazine prevent Chesler from expressing her views.

The Los Angeles Jewish Journal cites Korin as saying, “We know that the occupation is the source of violence.” Korin insists the Jews had no right to migrate to Israel because there were “indigenous people” already there: “Indigenous” Arabs, most of whom themselves migrated to the same region after 1880 when the Jews started bringing capital into “Palestine”.

In reality, the war of aggression by the Arab states against Israel in 1967 and the continuing anti-Jewish violence by the Arabs, encouraged by Korin, are the source of the Israeli presence in the West Bank and Gaza and not the other way around.

This profile is adapted from the article “UCLA’s Anti-Israel Moonbat,” written by Steven Plaut and published by FrontPageMagazine.com on May 19, 2005.

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