Wendy Campbell

Wendy Campbell


* Anti-Semitic writer and filmmaker
* Founder of Americans for Justice in Palestine
* Refers to Israel as a “Jewish supremacist state”

Born in 1951 and raised in a Catholic family, Wendy Campbell was active in the 1960s anti-war movement. Today she identifies herself as a film-maker, writer, illustrator, political pundit, and human-rights and conservation activist. She is also the founder of MarWen Media, which aims to “break taboos and cross barriers that mainstream media, and many alternative media, will not.”

A hallmark of Campbell’s politics is a deep hostility toward Israel. By her own telling, Campbell’s contempt for the Jewish state was initially sparked in the early 2000s when she saw “an incredibly eye-opening and moving slide show” – presented by Jewish peace activist Penny Rosenwasser of the Middle East Children’s Alliance – about “the horrible conditions under which Palestinians are forced to live because of the Israeli Occupation.” That presentation, says Campbell, “inspired” her not only “to become a peace activist dedicated first and foremost to peace and justice for the Palestinians,” but also to produce her first documentary film – “Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid” – in 2003. She subsequently produced additional films such as “Rosa Remembers Palestine” and “Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism.” Campbell also organized the Rachel Corrie Banner Project, which featured a year’s worth of monthly protests in memory of Rachel Corrie, the International Solidarity Movement activist who had been accidentally crushed beneath a bulldozer when its Israeli operator failed to see her trying to block the destruction of a Palestinian weaponry/terror facility in Rafah.

After the 9-11 terrorist attacks of 2001, Campbell said they were “blowback as a result [of] the unjust U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East which is basically blind, unconditional support for Israel.” She described Israel as an “aggressive,” “war-mongering,” “racist,” “apartheid,” “Jewish supremacist” state that was “built upon an on-going campaign of ethnic-cleansing of non-Jewish native Palestinians from their own land, homes and businesses.”

In early November 2001, Campbell attended a Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) meeting where one of the moderators stated that “anyone who thinks that Israel has anything to do with 9-11 is naïve.” Campbell’s reaction was that JVP was “basically … doing damage control with regards to Israel’s obvious role” in provoking the attacks on America.

In 2003-o4, Campbell went a step further than suggesting that Israel somehow had been tangentially responsible for provoking the 9-11 attacks. She now asserted that “Israeli agents actually [had] played a direct role in making 9-11 happen” by planting and detonating explosives in the World Trade Center buildings.

In 2002 Campbell rejected “the two-state solution” to Arab-Israeli hostilities, in favor of a “one-state solution” requiring that “all four million Palestinian refugees” must not only “be allowed to return to their ancestral homelands inside Palestine/Israel,” but “must also receive generous reparations” from the Israeli government.

In 2004 Campbell characterized Zionism as “a racist ideology that allows for Jews from anywhere in the world to go to Israel-Palestine to claim superior rights to the land and government there at the expense of the indigenous non-Jewish Palestinians.” She also described the infamous anti-Semite and KKK leader David Duke as “a political prisoner who is being targeted by the U.S government for his exposure of the crimes of Israel and Zionist Jews.”

“Since day one of its creation in 1948,” Campbell wrote in 2005, “Israel has always been aggressive and belligerent against the indigenous non-Jewish Palestinians in Palestine-Israel, as well as against all its neighboring countries.” That same year, Campbell established the anti-Israel organization Americans For Justice in Palestine.

Complaining about the allegedly excessive influence of Jews in major American cities and in leading media outlets, Campbell often made disparaging references to “Jew York City” and the “Jew York Times.”

Asserting that “Zionist-dominated media here in the U.S. have pretty much successfully trained the American public to think that the Nazis were the ultimate ‘Bad Guys’ in all of the history of mankind,” Campbell in December 2006 complained that “we are constantly subjected to Holocaust indoctrination.” She also accused “Neocons, who are mostly Jewish,” of “pushing for continuing the endless ‘war on terror’,” which she derisively portrayed as a battle between “state-sponsored terror” and “civilian-sponsored terror.”

In January 2008, Campbell reiterated her belief that “9-11 was an inside job [done] with the help of the Mossad and the knowledge of key people inside and around the United States government.” The notion that “’outside groups’ such as Al Qaeda” were responsible for 9-11, she quipped, was “the kosher version” of the story.

In 2008 as well, Campbell wrote that “all Americans … should demand that the U.S. government treat racist, apartheid Israel in the exact same manner that racist, apartheid South Africa was [treated] – with boycotts and sanctions until Israel indeed transforms into a true secular democracy.”

Over the years, Campbell has had a friendly relationship with Neturei Karta, a small sect of Orthodox Jews who believe that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state. She also has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, and has spoken frequently at anti-Israel conferences and screenings.

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