Sunsara Taylor

Sunsara Taylor

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* Member of the Revolutionary Communist Party
* Advisory Board member of the RCP front group, World Can’t Wait
* Co-founder of Refuse Fascism

Sunsara Taylor is a prominent member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), a Maoist organization. Embracing the synthesis of revolution and communism as outlined by RCP chairman Robert Avakian, Taylor writes regularly for the Party’s official newspaper, Revolution. She also sits on the advisory board of the RCP front group World Can’t Wait. Moreover, Taylor is a former co-host of the WBAI (Pacifica) radio program Equal Time for Freethought, where she interviewed numerous leftist authors and activists who opposed conservative Christianity, supported unrestricted abortion rights, and viewed America as a nation awash in sexism and misogyny.

On November 2, 2005 in New York City, Taylor spoke at a protest marking the one-year anniversary of President George W. Bush’s reelection. “The Bush regime is out to remake the world with its policies,” she warned. “From the war in Iraq to environmental policies to the remaking of the Supreme Court … we are staring down the barrel of fascism in this country.”

On another occasion, Taylor drew a parallel between Nazi Germany and the Bush administration, condemning the latter for its “sweeping and fascistic restructuring of legal, international, and cultural norms.” “The Bush regime,” she charged, “is grabbing and exploiting unbridled executive power to conduct wholesale round-ups and deportations of immigrants, declare the right to pre-emptively attack a gathering threat anywhere in the world, illegally spy on thousands of U.S. citizens, dismantle social programs and institutions while packing others with fundamentalist ideologues,… openly and systematically torture, criminalize protest, and strangle the terms of political and intellectual engagement [throughout] society to … erode any platform on which a coherent opposition could flourish.” Denouncing “America’s contemporary Christian fascist movement,” Taylor claimed: “The group that is setting the terms within the Bush administration … is a movement that actually wants to transform the U.S. into a Christian theocracy where the Bible taken literally, complete with all its intolerance, bigotry, misogyny, anti-gay savagery, wars of plunder and glorified conquest, is upheld, and enforced, through the instruments of the state.”

Taylor spoke at more than 50 American colleges and universities during a 2007 campus tour titled “The Mission of a Generation: Stop the War Now, Drive Out the Bush Regime!”

In 2012, Taylor was a key initiator of the Stop Patriarchy (SP) movement, which – on the premise that, as Taylor puts it, “in every sphere of the culture and social life today women’s rights and bodies are under assault” – calls for an end to “the enslavement and degradation of women” through “pornography and patriarchy.” In the summer of 2013, Taylor and SP led an “Abortion Rights Freedom Ride” which traveled through 14 states to carry out a “political and moral counteroffensive against the attacks on abortion.” The overarching objective was to “re-se[t] and re-clai[m] the moral high ground from the anti-abortion movement [and] FOR the liberation of women.” (Emphasis in original)

Taylor and SP organized a second Abortion Rights Freedom Ride in the summer of 2014, this time focusing exclusively on Texas. Wearing shackles and carrying bloody hangers to symbolize the dangerous, back-alley abortions that presumably would become commonplace if abortion rights were to be restricted in any way, the participants protested outside the headquarters of the Republican Party and pro-life groups. “Revoking the pro-life movement’s cloak of morality” was the objective of this latest campaign, Taylor explained.

In July 2016, Taylor and a number of fellow RCP members burned an American flag at the gates of the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, where the Republican National Convention was being held. “Inside the Republican convention a Nazi rally is taking place,” said Taylor. “This is a moment for courage. This is a moment to be on the streets.” After a number of her fellow protesters were arrested for the flag-burning incident, Taylor said exuberantly: “That imperialist rag was in flames!” Adding that “America was never great,” Taylor emphasized that the nation’s history was essentially an unbroken narrative of unforgivable transgressions – e.g., slavery, imperialism, capitalism, and unjustified police killings of nonwhite minorities.

In November 2016, Taylor joined with fellow RCP members Carl Dix and Andy Zee to co-found Refuse Fascism, an organization closely affiliated with the Marxist/anarchist Antifa movement.

In January 2017, Taylor participated in the Women’s March on Washington to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump and to advocate for a wide array of leftist political and social agenda items. “Don’t let this mood dissipate,” Taylor shouted at the rally. “Will this be one day? Or will this be the beginning? It’s up to us.”

On February 22, 2017. Taylor told Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson that President Trump was “more dangerous than Hitler ever could have been.”

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