Roger Normand

Roger Normand


* Anti-American, anti-Israel activist
* Executive Director of the Center for Economic and Social Rights
* “Justice is in short supply these days, especially where the U.S. government is concerned.”

Roger Normand is the Executive Director of the Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR), and specifically directs projects in the Middle East and Central Asia. He is also an adjunct professor at Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, where he teaches human rights. He has degrees from Harvard Law School and Harvard Divinity School and worked with the Human Rights Watch and Catholic Relieve Services and led “fact-finding” missions to Iraq, Israel and Afghanistan. He also participated in the World Tribunal on Iraq, which declared in May 2004, “From its conception to its prosecution and the current occupation, fact, law and logic have been turned on their heads and fabricated to rationalize and justify what can only be considered, by all international standards, an unjust war of aggression.”

Normand is a frequently interviewed guest of radical publications and radio programs, including CounterPunchDemocracy Now!, Amy Goodman’s radical news program on Pacifica Radio, and The Nation. He is a classic blame-America first propagandist and anti-Israel activist.

On December 10, 2003, Normand wrote in The Nation, “The Bush Administration seeks nothing less than the open establishment of empire–termed ‘full-spectrum dominance’ in the new Pentagon papers. Since open empire is incompatible with a post-imperialist world order based on human rights and the rule of law, the law must go. This means bypassing the ‘useless debating society’ formerly known as the Security Council, when it refuses to rubber-stamp the unlawful invasion of Iraq.”

Also, during the introduction of the CESR’s “evening with Arundhati Roy and Howard Zinn,” two fellow anti-American, anti-Israel radicals, on May 13, 2003, Normand said, “In the Occupied Territories, we worked with a network of over 70 Palestinian groups to prepare the first reports documenting and challenging Israeli violations of economic and social rights. We also serve on the steering committee of the US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation, a national effort to change unjust American policy.”

“Justice is in short supply these days, especially where the US government is concerned. Now that American Cruise missiles have ‘liberated’ Iraq, our government will try to convince the public to forget all those promises about democracy and instead start getting very scared and very angry about the imminent threat posed by Iran or Syria—or perhaps France. CESR will do its utmost to keep faith with the people of Iraq by holding the Anglo-American military occupation accountable under international law—first, for ending the occupation as soon as possible, and, in the meantime, for guaranteeing human rights to education and health rather than corporate rights to profit and plunder.”

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