Peter Katzenstein

Peter Katzenstein


* Professor in the Peace Studies Program at Cornell University
* Lectures against the War on Terror, the U.S. military, and America

Peter J. Katzenstein is a professor in the Peace Studies Program at Cornell University, an interdisciplinary program composed of courses in fields ranging from sociology to economics to government. These classes purport to educate students about “the problems of war and peace, arms control and disarmament, and more generally, instances of collective violence.” In practice, however, Cornell’s Peace Studies Program uses its educative platform as a vehicle through which to indoctrinate students – lecturing against the War on Terror, the U.S. military, and America itself.

Katzenstein impugns the Bush administration on a regular basis – particularly with regard to its endorsement of the right to launch preemptive war. In an article titled “Iraq: Countdown to Disaster,” Katzenstein states, “Under the guise of the War on Terrorism, the Bush White House is prepared to substitute preemption for deterrence as the guide for United States foreign policy. This shift in strategic doctrine would legitimize war against any country that we do not like.”

Katzenstein has authored and edited numerous books, including: (1) The Culture Of National Security, a digest that views issues of war and defense through the lens of cultural-relativism; (2) Nationalism, Liberalism, and Progress, Volume 2: The Dismal Fate of New Nations; (3) Cultural Norms and National Security: Police and Military in Postwar Japan; (4) The Culture of National Security: Norms and Identity in World Politics; and (5) Defending the Japanese State: Structures, Norms, and the Political Responses to Terrorism and Violent Social Protest in the 1970s and 1980s.

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