Mary Shepard



  • Communist and longtime anti-war activist
  • Co-founder of Women Against Military Madness

Mary Shepard is a co-founder of Women Against Military Madness (WAMM), an anti-war group from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. This group calls itself “a nonviolent feminist organization that works in solidarity with others to create a system of social equality, self-determination, and justice through education and empowerment of women, [by]… dismantl[ing] systems of militarism and global oppression.” Notably, WAMM directs its accusations of injustice and oppression exclusively at the United States. To this end, the group has opposed everything from the U.S.-led War on Terror, to U.S.-enacted sanctions aimed at isolating hostile nations, to any “U.S. foreign policy that uses military action to respond to world conflicts.”

A devoted Communist, Shepard states, “Communism, over the years, had been demonized, discredited, and used successfully by many of our leaders to justify all sorts of crimes carried out in our name. . . . The winners [of the War in Iraq] are the members of the military-industrial complex: the oil companies, the weapons manufacturers, and ‘consultants’ who will advise Iraq’s leaders (handpicked by the Bush Administration) on how they can change from their dream of Socialism to a market economy like ours.” Giving voice to her hope that America will one day become a Communist nation, Shepard says, “We will have to create a new value system that rewards conservation and equitable sharing instead of rewarding the winners in the competition to exploit weak nations and the world’s resources.”

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