Kurt Nimmo

Kurt Nimmo


* Publishes the political blog “Another Day in the Empire”
* Writes for the leftist webzine CounterPunch

Kurt Nimmo was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1952. He was an anti-war activist during the early 1970s and is currently a resident of Canton, Michigan. He publishes the political blog “Another Day in the Empire.” He also writes for CounterPunch and pens poetry that has appeared in a handful of small publications. Among the poems Nimmo has crafted are such titles as “All My Gddam Sht” and “His Ass Was on Fire.” His political writings have also been published in Uruknet.info, a pro-Baathist, pro-Saddam Hussein website that commonly posts the anti-American compositions of a select group of Western writers. Uruknet depicts Israel as an “apartheid state,” and the United States as one of the world’s leading supporters of terrorism. Nimmo (while emphatically maintaining that he loathes the late Saddam) has called Uruknet “one of my favorite web sites … indispensable, one of the best web sites out there for news focused on Iraq and the Middle East.”

Nimmo concurs wholeheartedly with Professor Ward Churchill’s assessment that the civilian victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks “formed a technocratic corps at the very heart of America’s global financial empire,” and were akin to “little Eichmanns inhabiting the sterile sanctuary of the twin towers” on the day the Islamic hijackers struck. “I must say that I agree with Churchill,” Nimmo writes. “The financial and government institutions housed in the [World Trade Center], including the CIA, most certainly did employ ‘technocrats’ comparable to Adolf Eichmann.”

Nimmo’s hatred is aimed even more specifically at Jews. Accusing President Bush and former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld of “promoting Zionist racism,” Nimmo views the entire Muslim terrorist threat as nothing more than the fabrication of “Islamophobic Israelis” and their supporters in the Bush administration. Dismissing “Bush’s fraudulent terror alerts” about the dangers of “a largely mythical al-Qaeda,” Nimmo asserts that “[t]he attacks of 9/11 were not actually the work of Muslim terrorists,” but rather of the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency.

“As we know,” Nimmo elaborates, “the WTC ‘story’ was disseminated by the Bush regime in the hours following the attacks and was uncritically, in fact slavishly broadcast by the corporate media. … In a matter of hours, blame was affixed to an evil Muslim madman and his organization. In short, a camarilla of right-wingers, attached at the hip to a gang of Muslim-hating right-wingers in Israel, contrived a story that served their best interests.”

In a June 2006 piece, Nimmo predicted that President Bush, because of his declining popularity, would soon launch a frivolous, unwarranted invasion of Iran: “Dare I say Bush and the neocons don’t give a whit about the American public? … [T]he neocons have nothing but contempt for the American people, who they consider clueless peons, little more than expendable pawns in their global game of domination, beginning in the Middle East.” In order to persuade Americans “to do their murderous bidding,” Nimmo explained, lackeys of President Bush had more than once coordinated and staged “gruesome acts of false flag terrorism”; i.e., they tried to rally the public by committing or provoking unspeakable atrocities and then blaming innocent foreigners for those deeds.

In another article, Nimmo defended British Member of Parliament George Galloway as “one of the last principled men in the whole of the British government.”

In July 2006 Nimmo opined that “the neocons” in the Bush administration were privately delighted to see “millions of enraged Muslims taking up arms against the United States” — because that frightening image “will force a reluctant and usually peaceful population … to donate their sons and daughters to a horrific war” which seeks “the eradication (or at minimum submission) of the Muslim hordes.” “It will be a bitter fight to the end,” wrote Nimmo, “and in order to ‘win,’ the United States and Israel will resort to dragging out the ‘mini-nukes’ and irradiating all those who dare resist.”

Nimmo further suggested that the beheaded and hanged victims of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi deserved their grisly fates because they were “providing support to the occupation forces” and thus were “undoubtedly regarded as … legitimate military target[s] by Iraqi guerilla forces.”

Moreover, according to Nimmo, the blind sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, who masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, was a CIA plant. Nimmo writes: “So important was Abdel-Rahman, the CIA made sure he was issued a visa and entered the United States in 1990, the country he supposedly hated. Abdel-Rahman went on to head the al-Salaam Mosque in Jersey City. … As for the World Trade Center bombing of 1993, the FBI knew about the plot and allowed it to happen.”

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