Kristopher Waller

Kristopher Waller


* Member of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade
* “As a communist, I am determined to fight like hell” against “this capitalist-imperialist system”

Kristopher Waller is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade, a Case Western Reserve University  group called Catalyst: Students for Social Justice, and the national interim steering committee for the Not In Our Name (NION) project. Moreover, he helped form Cleveland’s Not In Our Name Youth, an outgrowth of the larger NION project. In April 2004, he was banned from the campus of Case Western Reserve University in northeastern Ohio for yelling “murderer” at a U.S. soldier during an anti-war rally.

In response to being kicked off campus, Waller said, “As I saw all these injustices, from the occupation of Iraq, to the police murders of black youth, to the widespread rape and degradation of women, and fought against them, I have come to understand that the cause of all this is this capitalist-imperialist system. All these horrors are only in the interests of the ruling class; they are not in the interests of the vast majority of the people, including in the U.S. As a communist, I am determined to fight like hell to end all these injustices, and take down the empire that perpetuates them. And that we can win people away from siding with this ruling class, but not without challenging them. Not without inspiring them with a vision of a whole new world and a plan to actually get there.”

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