Kellie Gasink

Kellie Gasink


* Goal is to immediately repeal the Patriot Act
* Views Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act as assaults on civil liberties
* Dennis Kucinich is a board member

The national coordinator of the National Coalition to Repeal the Patriot Act (NCRPA), Kellie Gasink is a former New York attorney who moved to Savannah, Georgia after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Gasink criticized the U.S. government for having failed to provide adequate protection for the citizens of New York, yet supports the complete and immediate repeal of the Patriot Act – on grounds that it allegedly violates the civil liberties of Americans.

Gasink has been affiliated with several radical causes. In the 1980s, she belonged to Fred Newman’s cult – the New Alliance Party. She worked on the 1992 presidential campaign of Lenora Fulani, a Marxist-Leninist devotee of the Newman cult.  She later left Newman and the New Alliance Party, revealing in a letter to the district attorney of Manhattan that Newman had embezzled matching campaign funds. She was then, and remains now, silent about her own actions in the Party. Gasink is a vocal supporter of Palestinian radicals and an outspoken critic of Israel. Since her relocation to Savannah, she and her husband, activist William Pleasant, have opened their own branch of the Green Party, the Green Party of Chatham. But Georgia’s Green Party has severed its ties to Gasink and Pleasant’s group, because the latter’s tactics have been excessively radical and offensive. For example, Gasink and Pleasant founded a publication, The Liberator, in which they claimed that the 9/11 terrorist assaults were the result of an elaborate plot by the U.S. government.

The pair also founded the Labor and Action Research Project, a group that describes itself as “pro-woman, pro-gay, pro-ecology” and caters to the interests of the “historically oppressed people of the South.” Gasink and Pleasant led demonstrations in Savannah against the June 2004 G-8 summit in Sea Island, Georgia.

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