Keith McHenry

Keith McHenry

: Photo from Wikimedia Commons / Author of Photo: aimeedars


* Co-founder of the anti-war group Food Not Bombs
* Has been arrested over 100 times for civil disobedience
* “It’s a fact; the U.S. is a genocidal country.”

Keith McHenry is a co-founder (along with C.T. Butler) of Food Not Bombs, an anti-war activist organization comprised of over 200 independent chapters that serve vegetarian food to both homeless people and antiwar demonstrators in an effort to draw attention to FNB’s own protests against war and poverty around the globe. McHenry has been arrested over 100 times for civil disobedience, and has spent more than 500 nights in jail. Despite his group’s claim to be a nonviolent organization, in 1994 McHenry himself was charged with four felony counts – two for assault with force, one for theft, and one for robbery, as well as misdemeanor charges of battery, vandalism, and threatening a witness. These charges stemmed from two separate instances at the San Francisco City Hall, where McHenry purportedly attacked both a film commissioner and a political aide.

During his career as an activist, McHenry has volunteered for: the anti-nuclear group Coalition for Direct Action at Seabrook; the Marxist-leaning Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES); and Iraqi Pledge of Resistance, an ad-hoc group of peace activists that promote mass civil disobedience in protest of the War on Terror. McHenry is also a “Coalition Cosigner” for International ANSWER, which has close ties to the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party (WWP). The WWP uses the anti-war movement as the vehicle by which it promotes Communist ideals and condemns American society, American foreign policy, and capitalism. McHenry is a rabid critic of U.S. foreign and domestic policies alike. Demonstrating his delusional anti-American hatred, he has stated, “It’s a fact; the U.S. is a genocidal country.”

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