Kate McArdle

Kate McArdle


* Former TV executive and anti-war activist
* Executive director of Artists United to Win Without War

Former network TV executive Kate McArdle is the executive director of Artists United to Win Without War (AUWWW), a political activist group formed by hundreds of Hollywood actors, directors, and industry personnel who oppose the Bush Administration’s war and liberation efforts in Iraq. Citing the “flawed case for war in Iraq,” this group calls for an investigation into claims that weapons of mass destruction were being manufactured in Iraq. AUWWW is associated with MoveOn.org, an online political activist group that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for leftwing political campaigns.

McArdle was a key player in a January 2003 “virtual march” on Washington, in which thousands of people who opposed the prospect of war in Iraq flooded the White House switchboard and the offices of U.S. Senators with phone calls, e-mails, and fax messages expressing their views. This “march” was organized by Win Without War, a partner organization of AUWWW.

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