Jock Covey

Jock Covey


* Board member of the Advocacy Project, an NGO with a strong political agenda and anti-Israel ideological emphasis

James “Jock” Covey has been employed as a lecturer in conflict transformation at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosovo since June 2011, and in the University of Maryland’s Department of Government & Politics since January 2017.

After earning a BA degree in literature from St. Lawrence University in 1965, Covey served in the U.S. Army for four years. He then worked as an ESL teacher at Makerere College in Kampala, Uganda from 1969-71, and as a Consular Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, from 1972-74.

From 1974-75, Covey was an Operations Center Watch Officer in Washington, D.C.  From 1975-77, he was a Special Assistant to the Secretary of State during Jimmy Carter‘s presidency. And from 1977-78, he was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in the District of Columbia.

From 1978-80, Covey worked as an Arab-Israeli Affairs Desk Officer at the U.S. State Department. From 1980-82, he was a Deputy Principal Officer at the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem. And from 1982-84, he was Deputy Executive Secretary at the U.S. State Department.

From 1985-86, Covey served as Special Assistant to the President at the National Security Council, where he worked on Near Eastern and South Asian affairs. From 1986-89, he was Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt. And from 1989-92, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. State Department.

From 1993-95, Covey served as Chief of the U.S. Mission in Berlin, Germany. From 1995-97, he was Senior Deputy High Representative at the Office of the High Representative in Sarajevo. And from 1997-98, he was Special Assistant to the President at the National Security Council.

From 1998-99, Covey was a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at National Defense University in Washington, D.C.  From 1999-2001, he was Principal Deputy Special Representative at the United Nations Mission in Kosovo. And from 2001-10, he was the Senior Vice President for External Relations at the San Francisco-based Bechtel Corporation, a global engineering, construction and project management company.

In addition to his aforementioned jobs and activities, Covey once served a stint as a board member of the Washington-based Advocacy Project. He co-authored the 2004 book The Quest for Viable Peace, a peacekeeping handbook that is currently in use at a number of universities and military staff schools.

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