Jack Stollsteimer

Jack Stollsteimer


* Former community organizer for the Pennsylvania Public Interest Coalition
* Became an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in 2001
* Founding member of Delaware County’s Coalition for Prison Reform (2017)
* Was elected DA of Delaware County, PA in 2019 (with support from George Soros)

Born in 1963, Jack Stollsteimer is a native of Delaware County in southeastern Pennsylvania. He graduated from Thomas Edison State University with a B.A. in History in 1997, at age 34. He then attended law school at Temple University, where he received a J.D. degree in 2000.

According to his official LinkedIn profile, Stollsteimer began working professionally in 1983 as a community organizer for the Pennsylvania Public Interest Coalition. He then served as a Legislative Assistant to former Pennsylvania House Majority Leader James Manderino from 1987-1989; an Executive Assistant to Pennsylvania House Speaker Robert O’Donnell from 1989-1993; an Executive Assistant to the CEO at Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance from 1994-1995; and Vice President of Marketing at a firm called Fleming and Hall, Ltd. from 1996-1997.

After earning his law degree in 2000, Stollsteimer joined the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant DA. In December 2001, he became an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. In 2006 Stollsteimer became a Pennsylvania Safe Schools Advocate — a “watchdog” role in which he publicly exposed the Philadelphia School District’s systemic failure to report violent crimes perpetrated in its schools. He then served as Deputy Chief Counsel and Director of the Bureau of Unclaimed Property at the Pennsylvania Treasury from 2010-2013, and as Assistant Managing Director for a financial planning/investment management firm called Verus Financial from 2013-2020. Stollsteimer was also a founding member of Delaware County’s Coalition for Prison Reform in late 2017, and the Deputy State Treasurer for Consumer Programs in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania from 2017 to January 2020.

In 2019, Stollsteimer launched a campaign to become the first-ever elected Democrat District Attorney for Delaware County. His platform was founded on a pledge to reform a “broken” criminal-justice system with measures like decriminalizing the possession of marijuana and ending the cash bail system. Stollsteimer proudly described himself as part of “a group of progressive prosecutors … who have come to the conclusion that mass incarceration doesn’t make us safer,” and “that we need to be smarter on crime and not just tough on crime,” so as to “mak[e] the criminal justice system … more fair to everybody.”

Leftist multibillionaire George Soros contributed scores of thousands of dollars to fund the production of political ads in support of Stollsteimer’s candidacy during the 2019 election cycle. The conduit by which this money reached Stollsteimer’s campaign was Soros’ Pennsylvania Justice and Public Safety PAC (PJPS-PAC), part of a network of similarly named state-level PACs established by Soros to help elect radical district attorneys in cities and counties across the United States. As The Daily Signal reports: “Campaign finance records show that Soros donated about $1 million to the Pennsylvania Justice and Public Safety PAC during the 2019 election cycle. The PAC spent about $165,000 in support of Stollsteimer and returned the remaining $815,000 to Soros.” But during a debate on October 27, 2019 – just a few days prior to the general election — Stollsteimer stated flatly: “George Soros has not financed my campaign.”

In the November 2019 general election for District Attorney, Stollsteimer defeated incumbent Republican DA Katayoun Copeland by a margin of 83,718 votes to 78,843. After winning in what had once been a robust Republican district, Stollsteimer remarked: “For too long there have been double standards and justice for the few and not the many. We are in position to do what should have been being done for years — providing justice equally for all of the people of Delaware County.”

Stollsteimer formally took office as DA in January 2020.

In response to the infamous May 25, 2020 death of George Floyd and the subsequent flood of demands for police reform, Stollsteimer announced the creation of a Criminal Justice Reform Task Force in June 2020. This entity would consist of four working groups that bore the following names: (a) 21st Century Policing, (b) Principles for a 21st Century Prosecutor, (c) Legislative Change, and (d) County Government’s Impact on Achieving Equality and Justice in Delco (Delaware County. “It is time to face the problems in our community honestly and openly, and to bring the criminal justice system in this County into alignment with our shared values,” Stollsteimer declared. “We need to look not just at the actions of police – we must also look at our practices as prosecutors, as public defenders, as well as our approach to probation, parole and incarceration.”

In September 2020, Stollsteimer joined other Democrat state officials and activists in a public march in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Violent crime in Delaware County spiked dramatically during Stollsteimer’s first year as DA. The number of homicides, for instance, rose from 29 in 2019 to 66 in 2020 – a 127% increase.

In December 2021, Stollsteimer’s name became associated with incriminating, behind-the-scenes video evidence that Delaware County officials had secretly plotted to commit fraud against President Trump and the Republicans in the 2020 elections. Journalist Margot Cleveland of The Federalist explained in December 2021:

“Whistleblower Regina Miller, who worked as a contract employee for Delaware County, secretly recorded the behind-the-scenes videos of election officials after witnessing concerning conduct, according to sources with knowledge of a fraud lawsuit filed last month against county election officials, based in part on the recordings. That lawsuit alleged [that] county election officials [had] destroyed election data in response to a May 21, 2021 Right to Know Request filed with Delaware County that requested the final certified return sheets from the Nov. 3, 2020 general election for all Delaware County precincts, as well as the tapes from the voting machines.

“While earlier videos [had] captured Delaware County officials destroying election material or blocking out ‘derogatory’ information in the copies made in response to the Right to Know Request, the latest video captures two election officials discussing putting in ‘blank’ V-drives, which are the thumb drives that record the results from election machines, to recreate the election results reported by the county.

“In one video, James Savage, who served as the chief custodian and voting machine warehouse supervisor for the Delaware County Voting Machine Department during the November 2020 election, is seen talking with another election official who is blocked from the camera’s view. The duo are discussing the Right to Know Request, according to a source with knowledge on the matter, with Savage inquiring on ‘recreating data.’ The individual off-camera chimes in with his suggested approach that would entail recreating results for ‘these jokers,’ and ‘then create another set for the next set of jokers’ — an apparent reference to the individuals who filed the Right-to-Know request — ‘but we cut it up and then we create a permanent record,’ he explains. […] The two then talk more about the process with Savage asking about whether they are talking about going to every machine and putting in a clean V-drive. The off-camera election worker appears to concur with that approach. […]

“Savage was previously seen on tape talking with … James Allen, the director of election operations for Delaware County. In that video, Allen is heard telling Savage, ‘Then get rid of the pads and the second scanners.’ ‘We can’t talk about it anymore,’ Savage replies, with Allen questioning, ‘Why?’ ‘It’s a felony,’ Savage states. […]

“Savage stars in two additional short video clips … in which he brags that the local district attorney [Stollsteimer] ‘owes’ him because he had previously run elections from the other side. ‘I was the vice-chair of the Democratic Party,’ Savage is heard saying. ‘I was like Jack’s progressive shield, he held me up’ … Savage also explains [that] he [had] served as Jack’s ‘buffer.’”

In January 2022, Stollsteimer filed 12 charges of manslaughter and reckless endangerment against each of three police officers in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, for their involvement in an August 27, 2021 shootout in which several people had been injured and a young girl had died. As the Daily Caller recounted on January 19, 2022:

“Authorities charged three police officers each with 12 counts of manslaughter and reckless endangerment late Tuesday [January 18]. An eight-year-old girl [Fanta Bility] died and four others were wounded during a shootout in August 2021 that the officers were involved in. After a high school football game and heated argument, teenagers Angelo Ford [age 16] and Hasein Strand [age 18] started shooting at one another, according to NPR. Officers Sean Dolan, Devon Smith, and Brian Devaney of the Sharon Hill Police allegedly fired multiple shots at a vehicle and [inadvertently] hit members of the surrounding crowd. Ford and Strand were originally charged with first-degree murder following the death, but have since had their charges walked back to aggravated assault.”

“Police have to be held accountable as everybody else is for deadly force,” Stollsteimer stated in a news conference following the announcement of the charges against the Sharon Hill officers. By contrast, Stollsteimer’s office withdrew the first-degree murder charges it had originally filed against Ford and Strand, the teenagers who started the deadly shooting incident on August 27. Those charges were reduced to aggravated assault.

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