George Cadman

George Cadman


* Head of programming for the Radio Free Santa Cruz

George Cadman is the head of programming for Radio Free Santa Cruz, a leftwing “pirate radio” station (meaning that it operates without an FCC license, broadcasting over the airwaves from an undisclosed site) that tends to focus on anti-Israel and anti-American issues. Though named “George,” Cadman is a woman. On her own program, Cadman has interviewed members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an organization that has supported suicide bombings by Palestinians against innocent Israeli civilians.  In January 2003, she interviewed the co-founder of ISM, Adam Shapiro, just hours after a double-suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.  In March 2004, Cadman interviewed Adam Keller of the Israeli anti-war group Gush Shalom about the Israeli assassination of Hamas terrorist leader Sheik Ahmad Yassin, which Keller described as a “mad provocative act.” A month later, Cadman participated in the Northern California Peace Centers Conference, hosted by the Resource Center for Nonviolence, an anti-Israel, anti-American activist entity_.


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