Galib Andang

Galib Andang


* A former leader of the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf
* Was killed by Philippine authorities in March 2005

Galib Andang was the leader of the Jolo Island division of the Philippine-based Islamic organization Abu Sayyaf, which has close connections to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. Early in his terrorist career, Andang suffered a serious chest wound in a firefight but reportedly continued to engage his foe and return fire, prompting his comrades to nickname him “Commander Robot.”

Over the years, Andang participated in numerous kidnappings. In April 2000, for instance, he and a gang of fellow Abu Sayyaf members raided some Malaysian resorts in Sipadan Island, seizing 21 Western tourists as hostages.html).

In December 2003 Philippine authorities shot Andang in both legs and then arrested him. According to.html) Philippine Armed Forces Chief General Narciso Abaya, “Galib Andang was planning another kidnapping in Jolo. With our speedy intelligence information, we learned what he was planning and we prevented what could have been another problem.” Andang was subsequently incarcerated at a maximum-security prison near Manila.

On March 15, 2005, Andang and a number of fellow inmates attempted to escape from that prison, snatching weapons from some security guards and shooting three of them dead. Philippine police swiftly quelled the uprising, killing 22 prisoners in the process. Among the dead were Galib Andang and two other prominent Abu Sayyaf leaders — Alhamser Limbong and Nadzmie Sabtulah.

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