Dave Lindorff

Dave Lindorff

: Photo from Creative Commons / Author of Photo: Dlindorff


* Writer for “CounterPunch”
* Supporter of the cop-killer and Marxist icon Mumia Abu Jamal
* Co-authored a book calling for President Bush’s removal from office

A writer for CounterPunch, Lindorff is a supporter of the cop-killer and leftist icon Mumia Abu Jamal. He also co-authored with Barbara Olshansky The Case for Impeachment, a book calling for President Bush’s removal from office. In a recent article posted by Uruknet, Lindorff writes: “We know now that when Dick Cheney makes a foreign policy or war policy decision regarding Iraq or Iran or Saudi Arabia, he is really thinking about what it will do for Halliburton and Dubai—and for Dick Cheney.” Lindorff further suggests that a U.S. invasion of Iran is likely to occur this spring—not for national security reasons but rather for the financial benefits it could yield for the Bush administration and its cronies: “Since such a war would inevitably include the destruction of much of Iran’s state-owned oil industry, it would represent a huge new business opportunity for Halliburton…”

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