Craig Rosebraugh

Craig Rosebraugh

: Photo from Wikimedia Commons / Author of Photo: Craig Rosebraugh


* Eco-terrorist and anti-war activist
* Former spokesman for the Earth Liberation Front
* Became an entertainment lawyer in 2014

Born on April 15, 1972 in Portland, Oregon, Craig Rosebraugh served from 1998-2001 as the spokesman for the eco-terrorist group Earth Liberation Front (ELF). The ELF exhorts its supporters “to inflict economic damage on those profiting from the destruction and exploitation of the natural environment,” and ELF members use arson and other violent means to hamper corporations and individuals they believe are “harming” or “raping” the environment. The ELF boasts that since 1997, its cells “have carried out dozens of actions resulting in close to $100 million in damages.”  Rosebraugh is a graduate of the Institute for Social Ecology, where his proposed Master’s thesis was titled “Rethinking Nonviolence: Arguing for the Legitimacy of Armed Struggle.” Since the start of the War on Terror, Rosebraugh has turned his attention to impeding America’s efforts by exhorting his fellow activists to “severely disrupt the war machine.” Toward this end, he has urged his comrades to engage in “massive property destruction” and “large scale urban rioting.” He further encourages them to “spread the battle to the individuals responsible for the war,” “actively target U.S. military establishments,” and “strike hard and fast and retreat in anonymity.” Rosebraugh has appeared before many grand juries during his long criminal career, and in those hearings he has invoked the Fifth Amendment more than fifty times. He advises other ELF members, “The best response to grand juries is to ignore them and refuse to cooperate with them completely. They will be unable to function if no one is cooperating, and with enough public outcry they will disappear.”

During his years with ELF, Rosebraugh openly advocated property destruction, explaining that “[i]f you can hit them [businesses and capitalists] hard enough in their pocketbook, perhaps they will stop all the unjust acts they’re carrying out.” When asked if he had ever feared that an ELF act of terror might result in someone’s death, he stated, “No, I am more concerned with massive numbers of people dying at the hands of greedy capitalists if such actions are not taken.”

Rosebraugh became an entertainment lawyer in 2014.

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