Christina Spannar

Christina Spannar


* Co-founder of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
* Detests the United States and capitalism

Born in 1945, Christina Spannar is a sociologist who, along with her husband, political science professor Jan Oberg, created the Sweden-based Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFPFR). Spannar holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Lund.

In 2004, Spannar and her husband (Oberg) made the following observations about what they perceived to be the unbounded greed and militarism of the United States, the injustices of capitalism, and the root causes of war:

  • “While the world, the U.S. in particular, spends grotesque sums on ‘fighting’ terrorism … and now only produces more terrorism, it pays no serious attention to the poverty problem and to environmental security. It spends scarce resources on armament and cut[s] down national welfare budgets, pleasing only military-industrial complexes and disregarding human needs everywhere.”
  • “There is no such thing as human security anywhere on earth. Why? Because of our male-dominated military security paradigm…”
  • “The people [around the world] who die innocently in natural catastrophes touch our hearts. Those who die equally innocently because of global capitalism, power games, wars and military over-consumption, don’t touch our hearts. Why? Probably because we know, deep down, that they die because of us — because of the privileged, the rich, their greed, their mental self-protection and entertainment. They die because they must — otherwise the rest of us could not be rolling in money, materialism and militarism.”
  • “The war system … diverts incomprehensible sums from helping the damned of the earth: the world’s governments now spend close to 1,000 billion dollars on armament. The war in Iraq costs the U.S. alone 1 billion dollar a week!”

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